Our Approach

Phase I:  Retrospective Assessment- Obtain and run data through our assessTM tool.

  • The deliverable will contain department-specific charge capture findings (both compliance and missing charge opportunity).  Each opportunity will predict gross and net impact consistent with current charging practices and historical reimbursement trends.
  • The result reports and deliverables within assessTM can be used by the Provider to: •Prioritize the clinical area of opportunities and quantify the expected net benefit associated  with each opportunity •Fix root causes – operational/clinical and revenue cycle.
  • By using erisRxTM – our ongoing prospective application- the provider can virtually benchmark and address daily charge capture challenges, identifying missing charges and non-compliant revenue BEFORE the bill is submitted to the payer.

Phase II

  • erisRxTM – ERIS Medical Technologies on-going real-time/prospective support (both compliance and missing charge opportunity) software.
  • Unlike other products, the user is able to view opportunities and adjust patient charges before  (or after) the bill drops to the payer.
  • This phase II approach focuses on working the real-time application output, correcting missed charges and working with the hospital charge capture team to correct charge capture processes.

Phase I highly recommended prior to moving into Phase II.