ERIS Differentiators:

  • User Experience: Process

    • Multiple hospitals can be processed in one instance if necessary.

    • Charge capture efficacy metrics can be compared between/across hospitals

    • Users can be segregated by clinical departments within each hospital or across all hospitals depending upon health system corporate
      management requirements.

    • All company and user modifications/updates are managed in one place.

    • erisRxTM’s cloud-based, secure platform allows access through any browser from any location.

    • User workflows are prepared prior to user login.

    • All files required to run erisRxTM is automatically applied; there is no need for manual upload of files:

      • All files are imported daily and automatically processed at the scheduled time.

      • If new CDM services, departments, or payers are added to the financial system, erisRxTM will accept the addition and
        send an email notification alerting the system administrator(s) to define the new department(s) and/or payer(s).

      • Should files import fail or if expected files not import as expected, email notifications are sent to established system
        administrator(s) alerting him/her to the file failure. In addition, ERIS Medical Technologies checks all client instances daily to
        reassure appropriate client data upload.

  • User Experience: Ease of Use

    • User dashboard updates nightly, allowing the user to view charge capture contributions (system additions, changes and deletions) on a daily

    • While there are over 450,000 algorithmic edits that are applied to client billing data:

      • Algorithmic edits are department-specific, promoting user review of only those edits that are pertinent to their assigned clinical

      • False positives are reduced by 1) assessment analysis prior to implementation and 2) modification by hospital-assigned
        administrator (through creating exceptions by payer, patient type, or department or completely turning off edits).

      • MHS has the ability to contract with ERIS Medical Technologies to work erisRxTM on behalf of the health system for a
        defined period of time to not only quickly facilitate clean, comprehensive claims and appreciate any missing revenue, but also
        clear any “false positive” edits. When MHS staff resumes the daily management of erisRxTM, false positive edits will be
        substantially minimized.

    • Updates made by users can be applied to the hospital financial system through a:

      • Manual module within erisRxTM, designed specifically for hospitals without interface capabilities.

      • A scripting service (tool designed to perform key stroke data entry).

      • A direct interface (typically HL-7) to the hospital financial system.

  • User Experience: Comprehensive Charge Capture Management Tool

    • System users have the ability to correct patient claims prospectively (before the bill drops to the payer) or retrospectively (presented as
      an adjustment bill).

      • All bill modifications are tracked by user and date any bill line item has been changed.

      • Any modification to the patient bill will be quantified according to payer reimbursement terms for that targeted change.

    • The erisRxTM system not only facilitates a clean and comprehensive claim, but also provides various support modules addressing
      other aspects of charge capture management, including but not limited to:

      • Departmental daily revenue monitoring, alerting department directors to potential revenue issues the day after it happens (instead
        of the more common “month-end” reporting).

      • Departmental late charge trending with established benchmarking protocols to help clinical management address those services that
        could be processed in a more efficient manner.

      • Charge Description Master tracking, alerting clinical users to any CDM updates including but not limited to coding, description or
        pricing changes.

      • Various customizable management reports designed to optimize the effectiveness of and track the efficiency of all clinical users.

      • Ability for any system user to conduct their own detailed bill searches utilizing common bill criteria.

  • Company updates and improvements:

    • All updates are pushed free of additional charges. These include but are not limited to: all ICD-9 (and ICD-10 when applicable) diagnosis
      and procedure, HCPCS, CPT, and associated algorithm changes either quarterly or annually, depending on regulatory requirement and/or
      company determination.

    • Designated hospital system administrator(s) have the ability to create or modify existing edit algorithms within the tool free of charge.

    • Multiple reporting functions are available through the tool; ERIS Medical Technologies is open to consider additional reports as needed by
      its client base.