Case Studies

Case Study A:  Hospital- Phase I (Assessment) Client:

  • Assessment performed for client in New Jersey
  • 173 beds
  • Annual Gross Revenue:  >$160M
  • The Results:
    • Fifty-two percent (52%) of all bills analyzed had at least one charge capture error.
    • The amount of inaccurate charges totaled more than $706K net across the data sample (6 months provided); $1.4M IN NET REVENUE BENEFIT WAS ADDED BY DECEMBER 2014

Case Study B:  Hospital- Phase II (Client working the tool)

  • Seven (7) hospital health system in Florida
  • Annual Gross Revenue:  >$7B
  • Number of Annual Inpatient Visits 2010:  268K+
  • Number of Annual Outpatient Visits 2010:  642K+
  • The Results:
    • Forty-six percent (46%) of bills needed charge adjustments.
    • The amount of inaccurate charges totaled more than $600K during the audit period (2 week intense review and quantification by client- 2010).
    • Annualized, these inaccurate charges comprised more than 2% of the revenue generated by Hospital A; more than $14M annualized net impact

Case Study C:  Phase II Client (ERIS working the tool on behalf of the client)

  • 333 bed hospital located in New Jersey
  • Annual Gross Revenue:  <$1B
  • Number of Annual Discharges (2013):  8,631
  • Audit results encompass January 2014- March 2014
  • The Results:
    • The total verified and rebilled missing charges totaled more than $2.5M during this 3-month time period.
    • The net revenue recovery for these missing charges  is tracking at approximately 30% of the total gross missing charge  amount.  This equates to $750K of additional net revenue within this short time period.
    • By December 2014, we added over $3M bottom-line net revenue