To better predict the true value of integrating erisRx™ into daily provider revenue cycle operations and verify the charge capture opportunity, we have created assess™, our charge capture assessment suite.

assess Charge Capture Analysis Solution:

  • Analyzes ALL retrospective patient bills: a full 6 to 18 months of patient bills based on assessment need
  • Is Web-based and utilizes the same proprietary rules-based logic as erisRx™
  • Predicts top revenue enhancement and compliance opportunities by clinical area or department
  • Predicts gross/net revenue by payer for each opportunity
  • Ability to view all claims associated with each stated opportunity
  • Ability to perform custom searches
  • Results can be used in claims adjustment/rebilling
  • Reduces consulting assessment time and costs by 50-70%
  • Provides a more realistic assessment of the net impact associated with cleaning up charge capture operations

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